November 1, 2002: Did a HUGE performance increase inside of the chatterbox. You may notice pages loading faster because of it if you have that nodelet turned on. Instead of doing SELECT(count(*)....) several times, we now only do it once. The whole thing needs to be gutted. Also removed the ability for people to reply to Klaproth or Cool Man Eddie with the (r) or (ra) link. This was done because it's nearly pointless to do so, and to give them a slightly more botlike feel. This was something that bones and I worked out.

November 2, 2002: Added xmltrue link to the Everything Developer nodelet.

November 4, 2002: Applied a patch by da-x that removed the fudge inside of parsetimestamp.

Applied a patch by mkb that corrected wording inside of uploaduserimage

Applied a patch by bones on randotip

Made a change to the front page that under jukka, the logo wouldn't have a lastnode_id parameter. Based on a patch idea by pasky

November 9, 2002: Fixed a bug pointed out by TallRoo that made Everything's Best Users not show the correct (Honor Roll) levels for people. This is actually because of the way the join was made (custom) which created psuedo-node hashes that didn't have everything.user.merit in them. Whoops. We're now using the correct node hash now, so things should be fine.

Finished the codearchive nodetype. It's a simple "hold stuff" nodetype so I can dump code in case anyone needs it as I slowly retire superdocs.

Made nodelets not use class=.rightmenu because it sucked in jukka. Now things are spaced correctly.

November 10, 2002: Cleaned up the link formatting in the Everything Developer Nodelet

November 12, 2002: Removed the level weenies thing entirely and pushed it all into a codearchive. Perf improvement of one node lookup per page.

November 21, 2002: Added a server script to automatically update the gods email addresses if they change them in their user profile. Skips them if:
  • They are server admins (nate or myself)
  • Are using their|net|org address
  • Has a blank email acct
November 22, 2002: Added a script by fuzzie for 404s to be directed to the main page in the form of$1 where $1 looks like*). Many thanks to him.

Huge perf boost in the core by removing one forced update and doing it on the backhand after the page loads. You may see an increase in speed. Change done to confirmUser() and being checked into the ecore 1.0 CVS tree. Repealed change due to problems with architecture differences

November 26, 2002: Cleaned up the account locking code a bit. Made it so that whenever an account is locked, the scratch pad gets closed up. Added some more sanity code. Changes to lockaccount (opcode)

Added a pref so you can shut off the ads. Please only use this if adfu is screwing up your pageloads.

November 27, 2002: Applied a patch by call to fix a math problem in timesince from some new development. My thanks to him

November 29, 2002: Previously, there had been a problem with a lot of people who are close to a level not getting anything in the new XP section of the epicenter. The reason here being was that shownewexp would format the numbers incorrectly. When you have a fractional writeup count needed to level (which is more likely the case than not), getHRLF was working properly, but we were calling
sprintf("%d", $NUMBERHERE)
instead of -

I assumed erroneously that since sprintf("%5lf" $NUMBERHERE) rounds up that sprintf("%d" $NUMBERHERE) would do the same. Seems here I learned something new today. Apologies to all of the people who were held in suspense by no new exp warnings.

Fixed a problem where you could gain infinite xp (one pageload at a time), by reposting a writeup to the same node over and over again. I closed this up with a simple check inside of the writeup create maintenance (that was already being checked but not enforced... wierd). I tested it and it works.

November 30, 2002: Went through the patch bin a bit:
  • Removed the applied patch by call timesince (patch)
  • Declined patch from karmaflux in borg (patch)
  • Removed referrer check from punch thyself. Punches are logged now, so if there's a problem, we'll catch it. Deleted a patch by fuzzie that addressed a referrer problem. Thank you.
  • Applied and removed a patch by m_turner for E2 user survey: results part 1 where a line had smart quotes. My thanks to him.
  • Removed pasky's List Nodes of Type patch, because it has been added.
  • Applied a patch by call to Create a New User that smartly disallows underscores and spaces inside of usernames.

Root log. Guaranteed to burn twice as long as other starter logs

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