Seeing that we're a bit short-handed and I found some spare time (and 38 cents) in the couch, I've taken on some work in the code department. This does not make me a coder anymore than chucking paint at a canvas made Jackson Pollock a painter. At any rate, things that have changed over the last couple of weeks and that I probably had a hand in:

Week 0 - Some time in the recent past that should have been put in an older root log

Week 1

  • Everything User Search: Users can see the votes that they have cast on writeups. Based on an idea from Oolong's to-do list
  • Printable display: Printable footers use semantic URLs
  • Wheel of Surprise: Now marginally more entertaining. Returns have slightly increased, too.
  • Cream of the Cool shows fewer writeups on the front page and uses a narrower rep range in order to improve churn
  • Cool User Picks: Number of recent cools displayed has been set back to 15. It was adding to the clutter and churn is currently too low to justify more
  • Chatterbox: Reduced number of messages displayed and time displayed for catbox messages. Less cluttered. It had crept up to showing twice as much for nearly twice as long as it did in the past

Week 2

  • Gift Shop C! recipients need to have at least as many writeups as they have used C!s
  • Blab! messages no longer award XP. That was just a bad idea and horrifically easy to game
  • Other Users no longer shows borged status (Ø symbol) except to staff
  • Writeup edits: Patched hole that let users add writeups to multiple e2nodes
  • Gift Shop: Token cost has been reduced to 30XP
  • Staff Picks have been reduced to 15, to (again) reduce the clutter on the front page
  • EDB now tells users who borged them. Send gifts to N-Wing
  • EDB also does not announce borgings to the catbox. Send flowers to N-Wing
  • e2contact staff may borg. This includes any CEs in the group
  • Mark-up: Semantic URLs were not quoting some HREFs. Reported by sam512; fixed by nate
  • Assorted code: Nixed a bunch of unexplicated exceptions for specific users

Week 3

  • Mark-up: The WIDTH attribute for HR tags is read correctly when stated as a percentage. Send money to rootbeer277
  • Other Users: User symbols have been set to use normal font size.
  • edev: Patch list and edevdoc index are edev-only. Saves a few db calls
  • Permission Denied: Removed "tough beans" statement. Let's be a bit nicer about it
  • 20 August: Nate upgraded some of the boxes. As usual, hilarity ensued.
  • setupuservars was still looking for level weenies almost six years after we quit accommodating them
  • timesince was crudely strongarmed into conforming to timezones on new server installations

Week 4

  • Cool numbers in the jukka display's user picks (tfcool) are an experiment. I may dismiss it as fluff and undo it.
  • Semantic URLs: Fixed mod_rewrite to accommodate trailing slashes in usernames for the anal-retentive. By request of RoguePoet. If someone's username ends in a slash, now would be a good time to change it.
  • Ed cools: Made ed cools on nodetypes other than e2node visible again. Nameless coder of ages past mysteriously decided to neither display nor remove them. Most, if not all, should probably be uncooled. This is much easier to do when people can see them

More may come this month. Watch this space.

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