Jungle music is a recent addition to the techno/electronica music landscape, characterized by relatively mellow tonal lines with two to three times sped-up hip-hop beats. Jungle has gained a sizable underground following in recent years; important artists in the genre include Faithmassive and Roni Size.

Jungle is a music that developed from hardcore in England in the early 1990's. Early jungle tunes were often based around a sample from The Winston's Amen Brother played at 45 rpm. Jungle later became known as Drum and Bass, and various sub genres emerged/were invented, including Jump Up, Hard Step, Intelligent, Tech Step and Dark Core. Innovaters include Photek, 4-Hero, Ed Rush and Roni Size. Jungle music is not as high profile as it was a few years a go. This is partly due to too much emphasis being placed on "intelligent" drum and bass, which suggested that the rest was "stupid" jungle. In this time Speed Garage has stolen a lot of its following.

Most jungle was built off of newer jazz styles that incorporated more drums, and fast cymbal beats. The junglists took the drums by themselves, and made a new type of music, jungle. This has further evolved into the sub groups mentioned above. Other musicians that do jungle are...
Adam F
Ken Ishii
Source Direct
DJ Trace
DJ Soul Slinger
DJ Spooky
DJ Dara
DJ Krust
DJ Hype
Ed Rush
Future Forces
State Logik

A style of jazz created by Duke Ellington at the Cotton Club in Harlem, New York. It was wild and unstructured, seeking only to emulate the wild chaos of the jungle. Similar in spirit to many punk and techno songs.

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