DJ Krust is truly one of the true innovators within breakbeat music. The beginning of Krust's exploration of sound came early on in the history of jungle music. Krust hooked up with Roni Size and his V Recordings label, matching him cut for cut all the way to the present day.

Krust's style can be described as experimental/hard step. Not to be pigeon holed into a single genre, Krust creates tunes that deep, progressive and individualistic; not to harash or weird sounding, but occasional repetitive (which tends to be a problem with hard step).

Having seen DJ Krust spin live several times, I feel he much better a DJ then a producer. Krust is quite the performer, builds up to heavy breakdowns and will put a little wakki wakki over the dub plates. The most enjoyable trait of his live sessions (and I am not positive about this) is he plays to the crowd. Altering his set to match the tracks that are getting people moving and groovin' the most.

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