One of the best Producer's/DJ's in his genre, Jungle.

His accolades are impressive, spanning over a decade: Talk is cheap, until you hear Dj Hype live, you wouldn't understand passion he has for his art. His claim to fame is the skill in which he controls his decks, scratching and cross fading without ever breaking the beat.

DJ Hype works with DJ Zinc and DJ Pascal under the name Ganja Kru for True Playa'z Music
DJ Hype began his musical career around 1989 when he begain spinning hip-hop on a pirate radio station in London. In 1989 he won a London competion of DJ's, and went on to represent Great Britain in Spain during th European Mixing Championships.

In August of 1989, Hype joined the newly formed house radio station called "Fantasy", at the time he owned no house records, so he borrowed all that he spun.

Prior to this, DJ Hype had gone by the name "Doctor K", however, during a show he was wearing a t-shirt with the word "HYPE" printed on it, and was thus dubbed "DJ Hype".

The first even that be played as DJ Hype was Runtlings in Cabridge Heath Road.

After about 6 months of working for Fantasy, Hype lost his day job, and was then recommended to GTI Records. His job a GTI consisted of listening to different tracks, and choosing the ones that would fit on the new label entitled "Kickin' Records".
During this process, Hype was introduced to an artist called The Scientist. The Scientist's harsh techno sound interested Hype, and they enede up recording two tracks entitled "The Excorcist" and "The Bee".

In 1993, Hype played at Jungle Fever, and after this event, his career began to take off. In 1994 he decided to start up his own label "Ganja Records". The idea was that no one would know that it was DJ Hype behind the label. In 1996 He teamed up with Pascal and Zinc to form True Playaz Music.

For a really great interview with DJ Hype, go here:

I have been unsuccessful in all attempts to find DJ Hype's REAL name, if you know it, please post it here!

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