DJ Zinc start toolin around with music at the tender age of 16. He used two old turn tables with no pitch control, borrowing records from his friends at radio stations. Zinc was active in London's early Jungle scene and the rampant pirate radio stations. It was at Impact FM that DJ Zinc worked with DJ Swift to produce 'Swift & Zinc' - vol 1. Unfortunately, DJ Swift was tainted and turned to the dark side

Zinc's solo tune 'Super Sharp Shooters' got DJ Hype's attention, who then released the tune under his Ganja Records label and into the big time. Since then DJ Zinc has played all over the world, including the UK, Germany, Switzerland, France, and that silly place below canadia.

DJ Zinc has done a lot of work with DJ Hype and DJ Pascal under the name The Ganja Kru and also with the label True Playa'z Music.

He is on my list of top 10 DJ's you must see.

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