A turntablist crew featuring the hands and beats of DJ Q-Bert, Mixmaster Mike, and Shortkut, among others. Their reputation in the hip-hop underground is massive.

Creators of the 'turntable orchestra', in which there are up to 10 turntables, each a seperate instrument (kick drum, hi hat, bass line, etc.) and each instrument is scratched out by hand in conjunction with all other sounds.

The Piklz have had several members over the years, including when they were known as the West Coast Rocksteady Crew. This is an attempt to record them all.

Also, MC U.B., Toad Man, and the Shiggar Fraggar get honorable mentions for their roles in the Shiggar Fraggar Show.

To list the accomplishments of all of the Piklz would be an exercise in futility, as they have changed the artform of turntablism forever with both their discoveries and contributions as well as the honors lauded upon them.

As of May of 2000, however, the Piklz retired their name and are now known as the former Invisibl Skratch Piklz while they pursue solo projects before regrouping at an as yet undetermined date under a new name to resume their group routines where they left off.

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