A cross over to jungle from hip-hop, DJ Pascal started making breakbeats around 1991. Spending to much time in England invariably got him mixed up in the rave scene, tainting him every since. No desk job for this bloke.

In 92, Pascal hooked up some people to make Face Records. His first release, "Jonny Jungle", heralded a wave of dark step imitators and was remixed more then 14 times by the likes of Dillenja, Origin Unknown, and Droppin Science.

In 94, Pascal left Face Records and teamed up with DJ Hype and created Frontline Records. Frontline Records has released some of the most rough n rugged drum n bass tunes including DJ Pascal "P-Funk Era", HMP's "Runnin's" and Dope Skillz "6 Million Ways to Die".

In 1995, DJ Pascal joined DJ Hype and DJ Zinc to form True Playaz Music, churning out ragga, jump up, and good old fashioned jungle muzax.

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