From the Holy land that has bought the world such joy, the evil marriage between jungle and house was consecrated. Speed Garage (aka Two-Step) was the love child.

In the words of an enraptured limey, "its a kick in the arse that the dance floors needs". As ravers eternally quest for a 'good vibe', their pursuit sometimes does lead to progress (normally its E induced vomiting and insipid club music, but I digress. . .). The happy upbeat atmosphere & vocals of house merged with the dancey bassline of jungle does make an appealing combination.

Still, its a fine line to skate, with the music often falling into the side chasms. Either being cheesy house with an awkward, harash bassline or being to junglish, with a happy, irritating overtone. But, good Speed Garage is a lot of fun, especially for dancing. Spunky and Massive.

Disclaimer: Yeah Yeah, I'm a bitter junglist.

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