Herfordshire based drum n bass producer, Adam F
started releasing tracks in early 1994 on Lucky Spin,
the sister label of DeeJay Recordings.

In 1995 it was his singles "Circles", "Aromatherapy" and "F-Jam" which moved him
into the forefront of drum n bass production.

"Circles" went to win single of the year at "The Hardcore Dance Awards" and his
track "Metropolis" won the 1996/97 Muzik Award for best drum and bass tune. EMI
then went on to offer him a deal to run his own label F-Jams under Positiva. Yet
Adam still remains true to the underground scene producing "dirty" drum n bass
tracks which tear up the dance floor on the best of the Headz nights.

Born in Liverpool 1972 Adam Fenton, (aka Adam F), the son of '70s glam rocker Shane Fenton, aka Alvin Stardust. Adam F is most well known for releasing the tracks "Aromatherapy" and "Circles" through the label Section 5. At 17, Adam F went on tour in America playing keyboards for the Moody Blues. By the late 80's he was singing and playing with his own funk band. Today, he's his own Drum & Bass man.

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