We travelled through 25 countries
Collaborating with the most happening musicians, authors, scientists and thinkers we could find...
to celebrate the unity in the diversity
70% Water
18% Carbon
5% Nitrogen
2% Calcium
1 Giant Leap


Track Listing

  1. Dunya Salam (feat. Baaba Maal)
  2. My Culture (feat. Robbie Williams & Maxi Jazz)
  3. The Way You Dream (feat. Michael Stipe & Asha Bhosle)
  4. Ma' Africa (feat. The Mahotella Queens & Ulali)
  5. Braided Hair (feat. Speech & Neneh Cherry)
  6. Ta Moko (feat. Whirimako Black)
  7. Bushes (feat. Baaba Maal)
  8. Passion (feat. Michael Franti)
  9. Daphne (feat. Eddi Reader, The Mahotella Queens & Revetti Sakalar)
  10. All Alone (On Eilean Shona)
  11. Racing Away (feat. Grant Lee Phillips & Horace Andy)
  12. Ghosts (feat. Eddi Reader)

Produced by: Duncan Bridgeman & Jamie Catto


Sometimes people have an idea. Most often, that idea goes nowhere. Yet, sometimes, that idea is followed through, and something wonderful is produced.

In 2001, Duncan Bridgeman (artist/producer) and Jamie Catto (film maker and founding member of Faithless), had an idea. They took their digital camera and laptop on a journey around the globe. They produced something wonderful.

They cold-called the artists they wanted to feature, none were pre-arranged; they ran into Asha Bhosle in the resturant of their hotel - they recorded her vocals the same day, sat in the hotel's garden. None of the tracks were recorded in a single session; the drums for a track might have been recorded in America during one week, then the vocals laid down a month later across the world in Africa - all kept safe on their laptop.

As well as the self-titled album, containing the 12 tracks listed above, they also created a DVD, containing over 2 hours of video from the trip. The DVD is split into 12 chapters, each exploring a global theme.

DVD Features

The BBFC have given the DVD a rating of 18 for release in the UK.

It is being released with the tag-line:

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost.

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