Most web sites use John Cage's 4'33" as their background music, even the musicians' web pages! (Well, damn, if Jean Michel Jarre's page has it as background music, it has to be a conspiracy!)

This is obviously Vatican's conspiracy: Vatican wants people to either listen to silence or to good religious music, so they hired John Cage (who is not dead, NSA helped to frame his death) to make the background music for most web pages. (Well, they could have used The Sound of Silence too, but it had suspicious lyrics)

So, these days most sites have 4'33" as the background music, looped, or maybe the extended dance mix of it (12'55" of silence).

Update 2000-06-21: Damn it! There's a group called Gregorian that released an album called "Masters of Chant" - and it has a version of The Sound of Silence. Looks like the Pope's grip is getting looser and looser...

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