Goldie calls J.Majik "The Luke Skywalker of Drum n Bass" elaborating his enthusiasm and original, transitional skills.

J.Majik has been dealing out some serious music for 6 years now. The beginning for Jamie came at the ripe old age of 14 years. "It began as simply a love of music. I always wanted to get in it and be a part of the music."

He started buying records and then progressed to working on Saturday's at a record shop. Within a short period of time he was learning to spin, which was soon followed by the production bug and the creation of the hugely successful track "Six Million Ways to Die" which was to sell a staggering amount of copies for an underground track.

He then hooked up with Lemon D, Dillinja and Goldie and came to Metalheadz with the undisputed classic "Your Sound" (METH007). In 1994 he started up his own label "Infra-Red" which includes tracks from the likes of Peshay and is currently putting together an Infra-Red compilation, which is to include tracks by Peshay, Photek, Ruffige Kru, John B. He continues to remain on the cutting edge with four Metalheadz releases under his belt plus another on the way - Freefall & Transmission (METH032), which is due to be releases at the end of September 99'. He has also done a collaboration with Goldie called Sunray which was featured on the film "The Jackal" and has been producing for the Acid Jazz guitarist Ronnie Jordan.

Foreseeing a future producing music for soundtracks, his music now begins to assimilate an orchestral, down-tempo feel to it, which again reveals the diversity of his skills. For the man with an essence of Majik - drum n bass is only one side of the coin.

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