A really famous British Pop band of the 90's.

In around 1996, the Pop genre was really pretty bad. Grunge was still making everything seem so down. Meanwhile, a group of girls in the UK were forming together, originally called Touch. Then the last member joined, and the Spice Girls were formed.

Sure you're laughing and thinking of downvoting this just because you hate the group, but we wouldn't have Britney Spears, Jennifer Paige, and pop groups like N*Sync without these girls showing that Pop is actually a pretty popular and energetic music.

They were new, perky, and frisky. They chanted their slogan of Girl Power and spread the joys of modern Pop music to the world.

The british press went nuts covering them all, and each Spice Girl got a new nickname thanks to them:

  • Scary Spice- Aka Mel B. Dark hair, afro-ish. She's loud, and looks like she can beat you up
  • Sporty Spice- Aka Mel Chisholm. White, with black hair, sorta athletic, but more like wearing track pants and a sports bra. Can sing well
  • Posh Spice- Aka Victoria. Wears dresses and makes flirtatious looks at the camera.
  • Baby Spice- Aka Emma Bunton. Blond, and cute in a babyish way
  • Ginger Spice- Aka Geri Halliwell. Reddish hair, and the more boisterous one.

Their first album, Spice, was a huge hit, and a number of their songs hit the top 10, such as Wannabe, Say you'll be there, and 2 become 1. They instantly became international stars, bigger than the Backstreet boys, and the idols of pre-teen girls everywhere. "The greatest music out of England since the Beatles" was my favorite remark I read in the paper.

Their next album, Spiceworld, continued their style of catchy Pop in 1997. Their top hit for that one was Spice up your life, and Stop further down the chart. Not much changed, they stayed in a perky, Girl Power phase and best friends.

All of this was great, and their movie Spice World, took their stardom even higher. It tells the story of them in the week before a huge concert, and their friendship and togetherness, with humor and their singing roots. It's like the Beatles in A Hard Day's Night, showing even more how similiar they are.

They dropped off the radar for a while, as they didn't have any albums for a while after. Geri Halliwell, aka Ginger, announced that she was leaving the band to start an independant career, as she couldn't take the worldwide touring. Detractors everywhere claimed that the group would break up anytime, while hopeful fans like me thought that wouldn't happen. After all, the drummer for the Beatles left, and Ringo Starr filled in nicely.

For a while, the group...stopped. They didn't break up, they just started doing individual stuff, like getting featured solo in another CD, and hosting a TV show in the UK. They promised that they'd get back and work on something new for the fans, but it took a long time.

Most of their fans are now into their teen years, but some new and copycat groups sprung up, like S Club 7. They're like the Monkees, a TV show based on a imitation band.

In 2000, the Spice Girls released their latest CD, Forever. Their first song to make the charts was Goodbye, a saddening song that is really meant for Geri.

I was unfortunate enough to see Holler on MTV. They've grown. Instead of the frisky, youthful girls I loved, there were married, older women in their place. It disappointed me, for I think their first CD was the first one I bought with my own money. I didn't like how they've moved to this new direction. They're still friends, but not living and working together. Victoria married a famous British soccer player, Mel B had kids, and Emma hosts a UK TV show.

Thanks to Leon Marconi for fixing some errors.

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