A question that every guy wants to ask their girl.

Its true though. We'll swallow if we love you enough.

Here's the best answer I an think of... When a woman spits, men could percieve it as a sign of rejection, i.e. the woman wants to get rid of his semen and is rejecting it from her body. Or, perhaps we as men, who view our semen as a valuable product to produce life and fulfill our biological need to reproduce, see this as a waste of our precious genetic blueprint. Note that these are just theoretical reasons as to why, subconsciously, men may feel this way. I think it's entirely instinctual and exists on an inner level, and there is no reason that men really know of (much like why we are so fascinated with breasts...).

What's the difference between casual, love, and showing off?

spit, swallow, gargle.

I remember when I was out with a group of male friends one night, playing pool, drinking beer, engaging in sexist banter (you know the "man! I'd do her!" stuff"). After a while we calmed down and sat at the table talking about our girlfriends (currents, exes, etc...). Well teh subject of blow-jobs came up, and one guy had never been with a woman who "swallowed". The agreement was that he was indeed "missing out" on the experience. He asked why it was such a big deal. And now I'll let in on the secret...

Those moments right after orgasm, if the woman can just gulp the fuck-yogurt down and keep going, the blow-job feels absolutley amazing, there is a hightened sensitivity, and the continued action throught the entire male orgasm just plain feels better. The continued stimulation will sometimes lengthen the (frequently) brief experience of the male orgasm. Now this may not be the case for all men, but all men present that night seemed to agree on this point. However 4 guys (the 5th hadn't had the luck remember?) can hardly be considered an adequate sample of the male population to say "all men experience x".

Sure we discussed how we've read in articles about the phycological "acceptance" issue and all the psyco-babble surrounding swallowing, we all agreed that any psycological impact (although we all felt that if there is one it's minor and subconscious), doesn't hold a candle to the physical enjoyment factor.

Swallow while dining, spit while sampling. Frankly, I'm impressed that so many Everythingians are interested in wine tasting.

I'm going to take the node title in the most depraved frame of mind possible: Blow Jobs. How else would you expect me to take it?

I personally think that ccunning has a good portion of it right. Now, never having been the recipient of one of these, I can't attest to the pleasure factor that LordOmar points out, but I do think that, honestly, if after the deed my significant other raced to a trash bin and hocked it out, I would be hurt. I don't know why, but I would be hurt. Sort of like when someone tears up and throws away a birthday card right after they read it because "it served it's purpose, didn't it?"

And as for the issue of some women not understanding why it could be such a big deal, think about this: What if the tables were turned a bit? Ladies, what would happen if your lover, after they had made you cum rivers like no other, quickly ran off to the bathroom and gargled inscesantly with Scope? Most women would feel hurt, I guarantee it.

Interesting ideas. I'll add only that I object to guys who want their partners to swallow but then refrain from kissing them after it's all said and done. That's tantamount to saying "Thanks, but I consider what you just did to be so disgusting that I retch at the mere thought of touching your lips with mine." Maybe swallowing sends a message, but so does refusing to kiss the swallower.

Interestingly, some research in Zdorovye (Health) weekly indicates spitting is better.

You see, the human immune system responds to the protein coats on he outside of invading cells. When unusual protein signatures are discovered, it results in the production of antibodies to neutralise it.

Sperm provides this same alien protein, while spermatozoa represent viruses and bacteria to fight. In woman’s body, the mucous membrane of the womb and the vagina stops this fight. Unfortunately, when sperm gets into the stomach or the rectum, it is immediately interpreted by the immune system as infection. The body can start to produce antisperm agents, which are not blocked by the mucous membrane. These agents attempt to eliminate 'germs' in the vagina. This could reduce the chances of getting pregnant.

Obviously, I cannot speak to the reliability of this evidence, but it seems more compelling than the reason for swallowing, i.e. because the guy likes it.

In summary, it may be wise to spit rather than swallow. Similarly, you should probably wear a condom if/when having anal sex; it also reduces the risk of other STDs.

Again, tips from a girl who swallows:

Almost every porn clip I've seen involves ejaculate and some girl's gaping mouth (to quote Bill Hicks: "tell me, Dusty, how is jizzum being worn this year? In the hair, in the ear, or just off the chin?"), so this must be appealing to someone. The thing I noticed was that a) the "wad" looked more like toothpaste than the wads I typically come in contact with and b) the girls are getting it all over the place. Aside from looking gross, it also looks sloppy. Course, you can't prove a woman with a dick in her mouth is swallowing unless she's lapping it up like a faithful labrador retriever. This is likely why those scenes are "shot" that way.

To me, it looks more yucka to spit it out than to just swallow, since your mouth is there already and all. And these porn women look like they're chewing on the stuff! I mean, really. I would say that cleaning it out of your ears and nose and out from under your fingernails is far more involved than you'd be if you just swallowed the damn thing. I mean, if you don't want a shot in the mouth, then get your mouth off the thing before it explodes. Use some common sense. I mean, he comes almost every time, right? We are creatures of habit and repetition when it comes to bodily functions, are we not?

Sheesh. Women.

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