Again, tips from a girl who swallows:

Almost every porn clip I've seen involves ejaculate and some girl's gaping mouth (to quote Bill Hicks: "tell me, Dusty, how is jizzum being worn this year? In the hair, in the ear, or just off the chin?"), so this must be appealing to someone. The thing I noticed was that a) the "wad" looked more like toothpaste than the wads I typically come in contact with and b) the girls are getting it all over the place. Aside from looking gross, it also looks sloppy. Course, you can't prove a woman with a dick in her mouth is swallowing unless she's lapping it up like a faithful labrador retriever. This is likely why those scenes are "shot" that way.

To me, it looks more yucka to spit it out than to just swallow, since your mouth is there already and all. And these porn women look like they're chewing on the stuff! I mean, really. I would say that cleaning it out of your ears and nose and out from under your fingernails is far more involved than you'd be if you just swallowed the damn thing. I mean, if you don't want a shot in the mouth, then get your mouth off the thing before it explodes. Use some common sense. I mean, he comes almost every time, right? We are creatures of habit and repetition when it comes to bodily functions, are we not?

Sheesh. Women.