The Song of Ceber

Argument: Ceber speaks to Urha, one of the Weaver Worms-- a great spirit of Time-- He gives her a special poison to anoint her sting in, so that she may defeat Takara.

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The Worm and Ceber

Speckled Urha, web-eater,
Lowered himself       level with her
And spoke thus:
“Ceber carapace-breaker       come at last
As fate always felt.
Thy time pools here       trapped in silk.
If thee wished it       thou couldst see all points
In thy life.       Larva to lady, to last breath.
Thou wouldst find friends       fled from the world
As they were in young youth       yearning for adventure.”

Silent Ceber       shook her head.

“Then let me speak freely,” quoth he.
“Thou desirest to destroy       a deity.
It is not possible.
Nay! Do not       look distressed.
Victory is not always       so vicious as murder.
Several years ago,       she sought to cage fate
Slaying my brother.
This act       among other atrocities
Earned her enemies       of all heaven.
Fate cannot be foiled.       Prophecy finds its mark.
My brother breathes!
He breathed then, now. He will always breathe.
Tempted Takara       will be tamed.”

“But if she cannot be slain…”       Ceber said.

“Look here, hawkwasp,”       the worm held a basket.
Bright and silver
Shiny silk       in its stubby claws.
Out of Urha’s mouth flowed golden water.

“My brother’s blood.       Bathe thy sting in this
And Takara will be frozen,
Paralyzed by the poison       she produced.
Centuries will pass before she is free
And by then her power       will have passed.”

The worm wove the basket shut.

“Strong Ceber, thy journey is almost finished.
Destiny can save,       but it destroys many.
Given time, even the great Poetics die.
She will not be an easy foe.
Thou— No– You must be careful.

Ceber took the basket       brought it against her body.

The worm nodded.
“One day I will be a moth
And Will gather all souls for the Battle.
We will meet again.”

The wasp smiled,       “Strong honest battle.
No more than       a misty memory now.
I look forward       to the final Battle.
On that day I will sing your praise.”

Urha laughed.
Retreating into the web       the worm vanished.
Not to be seen       by strong Ceber in this life again.

The Song of Ceber

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