The Song of Ceber

Argument: Takara asks Ceber to select the next tale. Ceber picks one about two lovers who defy Takara herself. Takara, not liking this, twists the story and ruins it.

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Takara smiled,       stopped speaking
Taking a cup       as was custom
And draining it complete
She smashed it on her head to cheers

“Please go on,” begged the crowd.

Takara held up a claw.
“Let our newest resident choose the tale.
Let our guest Ceber decide the story.”

Ceber, whose legs were crossed with Medy’s
Almost unconsciously
Even as his antennae brushed hers,
Said, surprised,       “Oh, I don’t know
Celah is fine.
Her romance with Aves would be a fine tale
To drift to sleep to.”

“I know it well,” Takara said using Elle’s voice
“How they bested the spring-loaded goddess
and found true love.”

“I miss it from my misspent youth,”
Mused Ceber.       “A misty love story
Is perfect for today.”

Takara began drawing all eyes to her.

Takara ácwiðee of hire wíghryres:

The Tale of Celah and Aves

“Celah, the first shield maiden of the plain Kuroni was born to Venco, the Wise Wasp of the West, smartest of his people. Celah was an awkward sort bred for battle, but was clumsy in conversation. But she was not without Elsalay’s touch. Dark brooding Aves, the friend of the birds fascinated her.

She had quite the crush! She’d follow him around and sigh. But he was a devotee of Nature and wasp women escaped his notice. All he was interested in was seed for his pet robins and so Celah was in despair. She prayed to every goddess but did not know the proper supplications. Offering up a dead ewe to her eminence, the glorious clever counting clockwork goddess, the goddess killed Aves and left her barren—.”

Takara sy framdede.

The Volcano

Cries of protest       broke the poem
“Elle,” said Blue Sendy,
“That’s not how       the tale goes.”
The crowd stirred       seriously disturbed.

Ceber stood,       saying, “Elle,
Your tone is bitter
I do not think I ever did you wrong
Do you hate the story
Enough to embarrass       the entire village?”

Takara trying of her game       threw off her disguise
In goddess revealed       golden

“Fool!” she said. “Did you think I’d let you
live in peace or let these weaklings harbor
you? Or let you find love, that disgusting
idea of my sister’s? Ceber, you are cursed!
Any who keep your company will be doomed!”

The crowd shrank back
Takara Wrathful struck Cran with a mighty
Thunderbolt       dislodging
The stone that bottled up the fire
Sparks, ash, rock       fire, lava, poison
Fell on Terbeir       Takara saw that only
Ceber lived.
Oh, but Ceber tried to be a hero.
Dragging Medy through the forest
As ash fell       around them
Trying to get where he could fly
And escape.

But the dust was too thick
And he was less fleet than she
Having less practice with his feet.
Then on the edge of escape
A stone full of fire fell
Striking him on the head
Ending him
But poor Ceber didn’t notice
Until she had dragged his corpse
Many Miles.

The Song of Ceber

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