The Song of Ceber

Argument: Ceber meets with Therdy to commission Fyrness's poem, but Therdy overtaken by lustful desire for the warrior hawkwasp cannot find inspiration. Instead he turns to the Clockwork Goddess Takara asking her to grant him Ceber. The goddess replies.

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While Fyrness drew her plans on the conquered
Ceber came to Therdy and spoke,
“The Queen desires a song of victory
To make the gods proud of her actions here.”

Song-headed Therdy,       defender of traditions
Had a mind to flattery, his words; his arrows,
Took aim amazing       to animate Ceber.
“Fyrness desires       but does not deserve!
Who won the battle?       Who won the war?
Only club-feelered       black Ceber,
Ceber tarantula slayer.       Ceber orange-wing!
Who fought Apse       and who flew away?
The Queen left you with the work.”

Honest Ceber,       shocked said,
“Hush you.       Who gives guidance?
Who led us to Valayis and water?
I did not.      I couldn't have.
For her honor write!”

Therdy started, but no weavers moved his heart.
Thought he,       “Ceber will be mine.”
For he desired her.
Elsalay comes suddenly on those with weak wills.

Offering meats       to Takara
He in hubris said this to her:
Goddess of Gears, I desire
An enemy of yours. She killed
steady-handed       wise Apse
Who wore your       banner with pride.
Give her over to me and in Elsalay’s grasp
I will ruin her for her favorite work.”

And the goddess spoke:

“For long I have watched as my brother has gained power among the People, claiming for himself the privilege of battle and strong wasps of the shield, yet I have brought more cities of man and elf down and fed their armies into my fires. Lands depopulated, acres spoiled, legions of the helpless and bleeding offering up supplication to any and all who will listen, blind, unable to tell kin from killers, all at my command. You will do this thing. Spoil Terite’s bright child. When her wasplet goes unclaimed and left a bastard, she will cease being Honest Ceber and become Whore Ceber . Her fighting spirit will vanish and I will claim her in the desert as my own when all society has rejected her and she cannot stand her own smell.”

His heart firmed against kindness
Therdy, god-cursed though he knew it not,
Drew his plans on guiltless, honest Ceber.

The Song of Ceber

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