The Song of Ceber
An epic

The Song of Ceber

Argument: The gods are formed out of the air and bring forth their progeny. Taking control of the world, they vow to protect it from harm. This they did until the waspfolk called the Kuroni are begat from the dragons.

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One: The Trial of Ceber

Hércyme beginne þæs gieddes Ceberes.


Sordid dreams of days gone by;
Back breaking work of the world.
Where were the gods?
Where the divine workmen?
Where the laborers?
The tools?

Was the Earth beyond the gods?
The weaver worms built it.
Strand upon silken spool.
In the days before the sun.

Given to the gods       all creation
From heaven’s roof to sea’s floor.
The first here       the last to go.
They claimed it       kept it safe.

Out of the air       they formed
The parents       Oufa and Essa
Like jewels on a cold glass
Dazzling a sight       god and goddess each.

Oufa and Essa begat
Whylight and Terite
Twin dragons of the sky
Golden serpents       white sky snakes
Bright, veil-eyed
In appearance       alike.

They beheld earth and were stilled
This vast blue pearl       pleased the gods so.

Then came Takara and Elsalay
Begat from Oufa’s seed.

Takara,       yellow and gold
Elsalay,       white and silver
The dragon twins in passion
took the pretty wasp goddesses
as wives and knew them well.

Elsalay begat children
But Takara could not be mastered
She pulled away       spilling Terite’s seed
Across the sky       jeweled stars
Along an infinite celestial road.

Whylight and Elsalay had two sons
Sein and Yelsalay       jeweled cockroach wasps
Fair to see       and fair to hear.
Brightest above all in song and dance.

To this happiness a younger sister born:
A bountiful       benefic beauty
Ausohara       an emerald cockroach wasp
Who enjoyed summer flowers.
Whose virtue brought       gardens to bloom.
Flower maiden       mistress of morning glories.
Divine dutiful       garden deity.

To all of them       given
The world complete.
Until the time of the people.

The People were of the sky
Waspfolk begot of dragons.
The Kuroni       the sky-folk.
Imagined of the gods.

The Song of Ceber

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