The Song of Ceber

Argument: Having defeated the cave ants, the Wasp Queen Fyrness enters the ant's brood chamber and mocks the ant queen for putting up a petty resistance.

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The Ant Queen

O Weaver Worms of the old days,
Muses of the pretty white silk thread,
Possess in me, a humble supplicant,
Gifts enough to tell the tale,
Of after that battle,

When glass-eyed Fyrness,       Queen of the Kuroni
Came into Shnon’s brood chamber
With Ceber at her regal side.
And the Ant Queen despaired.

“There was time when my kingdom did flourish
And there was not an enemy in sight
But now foreigners have me surrounded
They will block out my life’s quick ending fight.

Can I ask for mercy when I gave none?
What mercy comes for my humble people?
Sharp death on stings for mine enemy’s fun?
We are broken things swept by fate’s evil pull.

Never to see my poor subjects again!
I am under the mercy of tigers.
Minutes will see if there is a Shnon,
Only if Shnon survives those minutes!

The crushing weight of the world closes in,
Where my lowly reign ends and theirs begins.”

Fyrness sang thus,      “Queen are you low?
Has your half of the kingdom
Survived the night       or is it broken?
Did you drop it?       Did a crack appear?
Did it shatter?       Was the strong simply glass?
My warriors are in the gates, throughout the halls.
My war-girls kill yours with vigor.
There are still ants in the kingdom
While you breathe!
But not for much longer.”

“Spare me not the torture of words.
Mocking phrases are all welcome.
But your actions       harvest my heart cruelly.
Will you finish me? Shall I fight?”

“I will have your head and drink your blood.”

Fyrness, daughter of Sindra made good her words!

The Song of Ceber

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