The Song of Ceber

Argument: As Ceber enters the mountain, Takara realizes that she will never be able to defeat Ceber as long as the Dragon God protects her.

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Journey to Ja-Kara Zăd

Weary world       forever working
Until all is exhausted.
Life is here now, but never for long
And it does all pass
And fast.
To deny death       denies life,
But who could blame       Honest Ceber
For challenging       cruel, hard fate?

Following Vada under Cran
Seemed simple       but to do this
She had to face humans again
To decide if
She should       sneak slowly
Or run straight through
. To be the mantis or the fly.

“I’ll need to save strength,”       Ceber reasoned.
“The spotted       sly assassin bug
Hides behind       his shield
And is never seen.
Let me be like him
By creeping through at night
When my color matches the rocks
And the sun is outclassed       by stars.
Mankind misses       much at midnight
A black carapace       is good karma in the dark.”

In the Garden Takara brooded
With Terite awake she could do nothing
But stew among the silver bells       and snapdragons.

She said, “My brother is an ass. These
mortals are temporary things born into
death and doomed by their bodies.
Licentious, self-important worms. We
deities are endless, ageless, and thus
better than all the crawling maggots born
onto the shores of the Earth who all wait
for the washing of the tide to sweep them
out to sea.
How my brother clings to them. It’s
disgraceful! He wishes to be inspiring to
them. As if! No, the problem is not them,
but him.”

So the goddess thought
And thought
      and thought again.
While Ceber slipped into the darkness of Akenzee’s den.

The Song of Ceber

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