"Look here, this trooper, he has to ..." started Sargent Walsh.

The annoying man in glasses cut him off - "Death trooper! Officer. He led all the six de-colonizing operations that were conducted in the galaxy ."


"Alright, this death trooper chap, he should ..."

"Ninja death trooper. Don't forget that, he was the only one to return from the 15th century training mission alive. The others who made it through the time portal arrived in slices."


"All I'm trying to say that this man..."

"Sargent Walsh! Please address my client with respect! Are you not aware he's a Commando Ninja Death Trooper? The best representatives of the special forces ranging from all periods of history were time-napped for only one reason! Can you guess why?"


Silence and exasperation from Walsh.

"To train this one man! Please bear that in mind!"


"Right" began Walsh , "Before I can help you I just need him to ..."

The little man lost it.

"YOU NEED! Who the hell do you think you are making demands..

My client is an alien killer commando ninja death trooper. Yes! The ruthless Denebians still venerate his statue in abject terror with annual blood sacrifice decades after the carnage he wrought there!

Not only that !

He's a morph ranger alien killer commando ninja death trooper! Were you asleep when the world watched with its collective heart in its mouth as he morphed and ranged across the humid marshes rescuing the last surviving remnants of the planet Nqzak thus preventing it from shattering the entire galaxy!

No I'm not done yet! Are you aware that he is "The" super mutant - no, not your garden variety green skinned or hoofed mutant, but the galaxies only super mutant, combining a planets worth of cerebral capacity and an entire races survival capability."


Walsh took a deep breath, then blew it...

"Super mutant morph ranger alien killer commando ninja death trooper - eh?

Now let me tell you one thing, you gibbering troglodyte!!!

I've got a ultra cognizant, nova harnessing, time manifold manipulating member of the supra-galactic council who came in before you, so get your precious trooper in line before I kick his sorry ass!!!"

A shuffling of feet and tentacles, and then silence.

"Sheesh! Save one damn galaxy and you start thinking you've got priority!" Walsh muttered shaking his head. Just another lousy day at the galactic immigrations counter.

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