The phrase "Super Karate Monkey Death Car" was a popular expression among the writing staff of the NBC sitcom Newsradio. The phrase appeared twice over the course of the series as part of character dialogue and once as the title of an episode.

"SKMDC" was first mentioned as a video game designed by one of Lisa Miller's software-designing brothers in the episode "Negotiation". Apparently Microsoft bought the game and he stood to make millions off of the acqusition.

The phrase appeared again in the episode "Super Karate Monkey Death Car" as a line from Jimmy James's autobiography, Jimmy James: Capitalist Lion Tamer. The catch is that the book had been a flop in the USA, so Jimmy had it translated into Japanese and released in Japan. The book became a hit overseas, so he had it translated from Japanese back into English (however Jimmy had not had the chance to read and approve the translation). He discovered the horrible translation job when he publically read from chapter three (the story of his rise to financial prominence) at a bookstore.

"Glorious sunset of my heart was fading. Soon the super karate monkey death car would park in my space. But Jimmy has fancy plans... and pants to match."

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