PortaMonkey is a virtual pet for the Palm platform. He was created by a company called Eruptor which also makes other virtual pets, such as the PortaFish, and the PortaKitty. The PortaMonkey is basically a stick figure-like drawing of a monkey, with an ear-to-ear goofy grin, a couple of nostrils, but no nose, and two eyes of different sizes.

The monkey isn't capable of much. He can eat, but only bananas. He has sex, but only with a poor little scared bunny, as there are no other monkeys around. He can be disciplined with an electric shock, but if you do it too much he will die. When you give him a shock he responds with an angry face and a temper tantrum. He drinks caffeinated soda; the more you give him the more jittery he will become. His buzz will last until he pees or throws up. The monkey will vomit only if you give him too much pop. Every once in a while, he'll squeeze out some poop, accompanied with a cathartic grimace. You must immediately clean up his poopy. Otherwise he will throw it at you angrily. Finally, you can dress him up a pretty little dress, with a bow on his head. When you do so, he will look down at himself and angrily swing his arms. The dress will then promptly disappear, and he will be back to his old goofy self.

During the night he will sleep with a content little grin. The life expectancy of the PortaMonkey varies directly to how well you take care of him; there have been PortaMonkeys which have survived as long as three months.

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