Ok guys, here's the deal:

One of my roommates lives in New York and has invited me and my other roommates (the two of them, there are four of us total) to spend a week of our Christmas break up there with his family. Odds are, the three of us can't afford the air fare.

If there is anyone that lives along the route from Fort Worth, Texas to Manhattan New York that would let us shack up at their place for a night or can be otherwise helpful on our drive I'd be incredibly appreciative. Plus, it would be a good chance for me to finally meet some noders in person since I haven't been able to make it to any of the meets (school, money, and all having previously prevented it).

If anyone thinks they can help or has information that would be useful, please /msg me.

And I promise this is my last daylog for a while (I think that's four straight now without a real content node, sorry folks...)

Pulp is in my car stereo earlier tonight, and now it's stuck in my head. "And this they saw as love, love." No real way to show how JC croons that second love, so I'll just show the word. I went to Five Points, a part of Birmingham full of bars and, well, bars. I had gone to see a friend of mine's sketch comedy group Happy Nowhere at Workplay, but now I'm a little bit drunk from bar hopping around 5Pts. I'm walking back to my car, and attached to a phone booth by the Pancake House is a sign.

Signs on phone booths aren't really that uncommon. But I've never been invited to a funeral in a public park before.

You are cordially invited to a memorial service in honor of Justin ______ Samsa. There was a date, and a time, and a middle name that I can't remember and don't want to get wrong, and a pop art rendition of a photograph of the guy.

Then there's a side note that says "You knew him as Justin." But really, I didn't know him, as Justin or as anyone else. The service is being held in Brother Bryan Park, where Justin probably slept at night if he was one of the Fountain Punks.

I've met a lot of the homeless from Brother Bryan over the years. I used to smoke handrolled cigarettes with the Dance Machine while he rambled on in a version of English I could barely understand, about things that didn't make any sense.

The thing that bugs me most about Justin is that he probably was someone I'd met. Probably I'd shook his hand one night on my way to midnight sushi. Proably I'd leaned against the Fountain next to him while watching people break-dance. But his picture was changed to green, blue, yellow, orange, and I couldn't tell if it was a familiar face or not.

I guess one more quick Pulp quote, to get that song out of my head. "Those memories of love, love. So sad to see they suffocate at night."

I wrote this in my scratch pad before I even came to the daylog page. Went to add my softlinks, and noticed a little irony in the song quotes I put in, as relates to the first write-up. Well, Ifni is a capricious goddess.

- Robert Goddam

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In its original version. /msg me and I'll explain the joke. Footprints knows about this and sanctions the writeup but not the literal meaning of its contents. Which is pretty much the author's view too.

I am in love with E2 again.


Selfish reasons, of course. Why else?

I don't own a TV- haven't for going on 3 years now. As a Star Trek fan, this poses a serious problem, you see. How can I watch the newest episodes of Enterprise (which, admittedly, I am still somewhat luke-warm about) when I don't own a TV?

You can find anything on the Internet.

I was getting sick and frickin' tired of Morpheus' piss-poor idea of advertising (see: rant) stomping the ever-livin' shit out of my poor ol' laptop's CPU resources, which are woefully starved for attention to begin with seeing as how it's a 130mHz Pentium with 16MB of RAM. I was getting so fed up with it, in fact, that I was just about to call it quits and just live without last season's finale episode.

Screw it, I said.

Then, today, I was bouncing around through E2 and happened upon a w/u about KaZaa Lite. Oh, my stars and garters! A solution presented itself, one which I had no idea existed, and all thanks to E2's wonderfully information resource-rich community!

I am happy again, if only just because I can see what I've been waiting 4 months to watch.

Yes, I'm a Trekker, but I'm not the scary kind. I just appreciate its universe. Don't worry- I'm an equal opportunity sci-fi fan; Star Wars is the kittens-mittens, too.

OK this is my cousin's day, but it's too good not to log.

She is a senior in high school. She lost her keys at school and a freshman on the football team found them. He went into the parking lot and pressed the remote control button on the keychain in order to sonically locate the vehicle. He did so. A counselor stopped him and asked him if he owned the car and he said that he did (he's a freshman, most freshman don't have a license). Regardless, he took off with the vehicle.

My cousin could not locate her car and went into a panic. She needed to get to the grand opening of the new mall. Why? Because she was to lead the marching band into the mall for it's gala opening. She was dressed in full marching band regalia at this point and had just given a speech to the student body. Since there was no time between the speech and the grand entrance into the new mall, she had to give the speech while dressed in full marching band regalia.

A police officer gave her a ride to the mall. Imagine if you were driving next to that vehicle, you might think to yourself, "What did she do? Steal a trombone? Maybe it's the fashion police..."

She arrived at the mall just in time to lead the procession into the mall. She was the very first civilian ever to enter the mall, and it was televised. Once everyone had entered and the music had died down, everyone was treated to a speech by Sarah Ferguson herself. Yes, the Duchess of York came to signify the grand opening of our mid-western super-mall.

Later, the police recovered the stolen car and my cousin was allowed to get out of her steamy marching band regalia and all was quiet.

Doesn't that seem like a series of dream episodes? Seriously, that sounds like a dream. Speaking in front of your high school student body while wearing full and proper marching band regalia; not being able to find your car in the parking lot and realizing that it is stolen; being driven somewhere by a police officer; leading a marching band into a newly opened mall; and receiving a speech from the Duchess of York.

My day was less interesting: Wake up, and look forward to falling asleep.

I think this will be my last writeup ever.


Last night, to my horror, I realized that through a miscommunication, my boyfriend read all of my writeups.

Clearly, this should not have been a big deal.

Unfortunately, I had not intended for him to ever read them. I guess I felt completely anonymous here … like many of you do too, I’m sure. I wrote about things I would not normally talk about with my friends, or with him, I used a different tone and different expression than with which I would normally communicate.

But what was the point? I wrote things that I didn’t want the closest person on earth to me to read, things that I have kept around that I am ashamed of and embarrassed by … Was I just trying to reach the next level on e2?

I realized that I do not need to do this. I do not need to write things to remember. I should continue to evolve as a being, instead of just be. Honey, you are so right.

You may notice that there are no links here. That is because this is a selfish writeup – not intended to get upvotes, mostly intended as a love-letter to him. (See, my use of pronouns isn’t always bad.) You can downvote it, the Death Borg can eat it, it doesn’t really matter. It’s the last of its kind.

MWT, you are my best friend. You have helped me through so many sad times, and been there for me for so many happy ones. I am the luckiest girl in the world for having met you. It is unbelievable how much I love you.
College is back in full swing, and I've been happily moved out of my parents' house for a day less than a month. After the disaster that was first semester last year, I've changed my ways and become a good student. I study, I attend class, I do homework, and so on. It's quite a new experience, given that I never had to do anything in high school.

Anyways, my free time has pretty much vanished. I knew this was going to happen somewhat, but I purposefully made the problem worse. Since the loss of a good $10,000 in scholarships thanks to my 0.36 GPA at the end of fall semester, and the cumulative first year GPA of 1.99, not only the state, but my parents have decided to quit funding my education. This means that I have to withdraw pretty much every penny from my savings accounts in order to pay to go to school.

Despite this, I am enjoying life. I got an on-campus job (system administration for the team server for a 3-year program I'm in), plus I joined the Maryland Men's Crew team. Between class, work, and crew, I have started getting 6 or less hours of sleep (including naps) each day, and when not sleeping, I'm at one of those 3 activities. Although it is hard work, it's a lot of fun and I wouldn't give it up for anything.

Because of all of the above, my activities on E2 will remain at a pretty low level, though hopefully I can, some time soon, get more free time to continue posting some of the interesting factual things I've learned recently through my CS mentor (basically, he's teaching me some really cool stuff on a graduate level, despite me being a sophomore).

This is a good thing, I swear!

I just gave my boss my two weeks notice. I have finally quit my job without finding another one first to replace it. I've grown so much in the past year that I've thrown myself into uncertainty and welcome all the possible choices I have at my feet.

The only crux of it all is, I only have two weeks. Two weeks to explore my most inner self into finding my next stepping stone. I have already found many things I would love to do. Now is the time to decide carefully.

The future is mine! All mine!

And to think, I didn't even have these thoughts one year ago.

Today began at 8:15am when I crawled out of bed after waking up on my own after 6 hours of sleep. I seem to recall the last seconds of my dream being in some way related to being late to CS1321. I think it was something to the effect of the professor yelling at me about being late as I crept into the auditorium. Of course, this professor would never actually do that. He might (read: probably would) make a humorous comment about me trying to neutralize the student flux of the doorway, as students tend to get up and leave at random intervals (particularly when he's changing Powerpoint presentations.

I get dressed, surf the web some and check on my search for an 86-digit brilliant number. Around 9 I grab my jacket, shove my laptop into my backpack and get breakfast at Woodruff, as usual. A waffle, 3 pancakes, all buttered, but no bagel & cream cheese this time because they don't have any plain bagels. I finish breakfast around 9:30 and start walking towards the old Architecture building. At this point, it's impossible to make it on time, but I won't miss much in the first 5-10 minutes.

I get to class at 9:40. Good, only 5 minutes late. Looks like Danny just got there too. I grab a seat behind him and proceed to surf the web on my laptop throughout the lecture, looking up occasionally and following the progression of the laughter wave (note to self: node that) when the prof makes a joke. After class, I walk back to the dorm with Danny and Anderson.

I do some more work on my brilliant number search. My sore throat that started last night's getting progressively worse. For some reason, snot feels good on it. I never thought I'd say (well, type) this, but I wish my nose was running more. I decide to skip my calc recitation. If it's worse tomorrow, I'll stop by campus medical. I finally do my 25th node and hit level 2. Yay. While I'm at it, I salvage what should've been a daylog from node heaven and node it.
(I'll pause here to duck the hailstorm of downvotes for semi-unintended nodevertising....)

While I continue my procrastination of my CS dormwork, I call home because my parents wanted me to call them before placing the last order for my computer upgrade. They tell me that they just wanted to make sure I get everything right in the shipping and billing stuff (It's my first online order, so I kinda agree with them there), so they say to just call back when I'm ready to do that part. I go with pretty much what I had on my preliminary list, but I add the fan screws I'll need and get the YS-Tech 92mm fan instead of the Thermaltake for 10 more CFM at a cost of 4 dB and equal price. I call my parents again when I'm ready to check out. The forms are straightforward and pretty much the usual forms for first-time customers. We decide to go with 3-day air delivery, since they need to get it by thursday to bring it up for parents' weekend (I'm well aware that's a week away, but a buffer zone never hurts). After we finish that, my mom informs me that something from another reseller won't be in until monday, so we decide to get that shipped 2-day air. After that, I carefully (or not so carefully) spend my first 10 votes over the course of an hour.

As I start to begin my CS homework (finally!), Tyler walks around the floor yelling something about international dessert night in the lobby. I thought that was tomorrow. Oh well; free food, I'll go. As does apparently the rest of my floor, leaving the rest of the building severely underrepresented. After we grab what we wanted off the buffet-style line, Danny, Matt, Anderson, a friend of theirs from east campus, and I stand outside eating our desserts while we chat and wait for a female friend of theirs to arrive. We all finish our desserts right before she arrives, and half of us dig for our keys to open the door. I manage to get there first (all of a foot and a half) and hold the door for everyone after opening it.

As 6 is a bit more than a crowd, I head back to my room to do my cs homework. Problem 1 takes about a half hour to do. 1 down, 5 to go. Looks like an all-nighter. Ack! It's 9:50 and Woodruff closes at 10. Time to grab my shoes and jacket and run there. Most of the food's gone. The waffle batter thingie's empty. The bagel bin's only contents are some esoteric flavor that I'm not trying with this sore throat. Looks like cereal. I grab a bowl of Rice Crispies, a glass of Mr. Pibb and a glass of milk and find a table. I do my usual dining hall routine: read the news on my Palm while I eat and vice versa.

Back in my dorm, I surf the web more, start working on this, run Winamp through half my programming playlist, IM friends, etc. OK, I just sneezed a glob of snot onto my shorts. I take back what I said about wanting my nose to run....

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