I am in love with E2 again.


Selfish reasons, of course. Why else?

I don't own a TV- haven't for going on 3 years now. As a Star Trek fan, this poses a serious problem, you see. How can I watch the newest episodes of Enterprise (which, admittedly, I am still somewhat luke-warm about) when I don't own a TV?

You can find anything on the Internet.

I was getting sick and frickin' tired of Morpheus' piss-poor idea of advertising (see: rant) stomping the ever-livin' shit out of my poor ol' laptop's CPU resources, which are woefully starved for attention to begin with seeing as how it's a 130mHz Pentium with 16MB of RAM. I was getting so fed up with it, in fact, that I was just about to call it quits and just live without last season's finale episode.

Screw it, I said.

Then, today, I was bouncing around through E2 and happened upon a w/u about KaZaa Lite. Oh, my stars and garters! A solution presented itself, one which I had no idea existed, and all thanks to E2's wonderfully information resource-rich community!

I am happy again, if only just because I can see what I've been waiting 4 months to watch.

Yes, I'm a Trekker, but I'm not the scary kind. I just appreciate its universe. Don't worry- I'm an equal opportunity sci-fi fan; Star Wars is the kittens-mittens, too.