OK this is my cousin's day, but it's too good not to log.

She is a senior in high school. She lost her keys at school and a freshman on the football team found them. He went into the parking lot and pressed the remote control button on the keychain in order to sonically locate the vehicle. He did so. A counselor stopped him and asked him if he owned the car and he said that he did (he's a freshman, most freshman don't have a license). Regardless, he took off with the vehicle.

My cousin could not locate her car and went into a panic. She needed to get to the grand opening of the new mall. Why? Because she was to lead the marching band into the mall for it's gala opening. She was dressed in full marching band regalia at this point and had just given a speech to the student body. Since there was no time between the speech and the grand entrance into the new mall, she had to give the speech while dressed in full marching band regalia.

A police officer gave her a ride to the mall. Imagine if you were driving next to that vehicle, you might think to yourself, "What did she do? Steal a trombone? Maybe it's the fashion police..."

She arrived at the mall just in time to lead the procession into the mall. She was the very first civilian ever to enter the mall, and it was televised. Once everyone had entered and the music had died down, everyone was treated to a speech by Sarah Ferguson herself. Yes, the Duchess of York came to signify the grand opening of our mid-western super-mall.

Later, the police recovered the stolen car and my cousin was allowed to get out of her steamy marching band regalia and all was quiet.

Doesn't that seem like a series of dream episodes? Seriously, that sounds like a dream. Speaking in front of your high school student body while wearing full and proper marching band regalia; not being able to find your car in the parking lot and realizing that it is stolen; being driven somewhere by a police officer; leading a marching band into a newly opened mall; and receiving a speech from the Duchess of York.

My day was less interesting: Wake up, and look forward to falling asleep.