Finale is also a sheet music composer that allows for just about anything. It has excellent music output and could help a person play an instrument better. Just write in the music and tell it to play it with your instrument and voila, your music is played back to you.

The interface takes some getting use to and not all of the features are obvious right away, but its a damn good grab. Of course if you are a cheapskate and don't want the full abilities of Finale, they have Finale Allegro which is a watered down version.

Fi*na"le (?), n. [It. See Final.]

Close; termination

; as: (a) Mus.

The last movement of a symphony, sonata, concerto, or any instrumental composition

. (b)

The last composition performed in any act of an opera

. (c)

The closing part, piece, or scene in any public performance or exhibition.


© Webster 1913.

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