On Saturday the 25th of august, HRH Crown Prince Haakon is marrying ms. Mette-Marit Tjessem Høiby in Oslo, Norway.

The wedding is controversial, since ms. Høiby is a single mother with a somewhat shady past, and some hard-core royalists do not find this very suiting for a prince. Never the less, the people of Norway is largely in favour of the wedding (Roughly 80% think the Crown Prince can marry out of love.)

The actual wedding will start at 17:00 hours, but he preparatons have taken place for weeks now. The guest list is very prominent, with guests such as Kofi Annan, the European royal houses, state leaders from all over Scandinavia, Prince Charles, Eva Sannum, Prince Filipe, King Carl Gustav, the ambassadors from a shitload of countries, and some artists from abroad.


23rd of august: Private party at Skagum for the guests, including a lot of royal guests.
24th of august: The head of state from a lot of countries arrive, HRH Haakon will take them on a trip in the Oslo fjord with the royal ship M/S "Norge". The goverment invites the guests to dinner at Akershus castle in the evening.
25th of august: HM Queen Sonja will guide the guests to her private collection of art currently on display at the Henie Onstad art centre. The parade to the church starts at 16:30, they will arrive at 17:00. The wedding lasts for an hour. At 18:20, the newly weds will greet the people from the balcony of the castle. Photos of the couple will be made at 18:50. The wedding dinner is held at the palace, and at the Royal Military Society in Oslo at 20:00. After the dinner, there's a dance at the palace.


Bride maids: Emilie (8) and Betina (8) Swanstrøm (Daughters of HRH Haakon's cousin), Kamilla (12) and Anniken (7) Bjørnøy (Daughters of ms. Høiby's sister), Tuva Høiby (4) (Daughter of ms. Høiby's brother) and ms. Høibys' son, Marius (4)
When leaving the church, they will be triving an insanely cool car, the 1962 Convertible Lincoln Limousine, four door special edition. It's said to be one of very, very few (four) cars of it's kind to be in perfect original order (No fake spare parts).

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