College is back in full swing, and I've been happily moved out of my parents' house for a day less than a month. After the disaster that was first semester last year, I've changed my ways and become a good student. I study, I attend class, I do homework, and so on. It's quite a new experience, given that I never had to do anything in high school.

Anyways, my free time has pretty much vanished. I knew this was going to happen somewhat, but I purposefully made the problem worse. Since the loss of a good $10,000 in scholarships thanks to my 0.36 GPA at the end of fall semester, and the cumulative first year GPA of 1.99, not only the state, but my parents have decided to quit funding my education. This means that I have to withdraw pretty much every penny from my savings accounts in order to pay to go to school.

Despite this, I am enjoying life. I got an on-campus job (system administration for the team server for a 3-year program I'm in), plus I joined the Maryland Men's Crew team. Between class, work, and crew, I have started getting 6 or less hours of sleep (including naps) each day, and when not sleeping, I'm at one of those 3 activities. Although it is hard work, it's a lot of fun and I wouldn't give it up for anything.

Because of all of the above, my activities on E2 will remain at a pretty low level, though hopefully I can, some time soon, get more free time to continue posting some of the interesting factual things I've learned recently through my CS mentor (basically, he's teaching me some really cool stuff on a graduate level, despite me being a sophomore).