Japanese schoolgirl mini-prostitutes. They go on dates, and talk to older men to make money. In Japan, men will pay schoolgirls to go out for an evening. The girls use the money to buy the latest fashions, and shoes, etc.... some have sex with the old men.
Ko-gal, or ko-garu, often have very dark, fake tans, bleached hair, and often wear hawaiian clothes.


Japanese term used to describe young women who belong to a certain subculture. Translated it means "little gal."

Unlike ganguro, Kogaru dress in impossibly high platform shoes and tiny little girl uniforms that are so popular with the middle aged Japanese pervert set.

Sociologist claim that the kogaru craze was caused the emphasis Japanese society places on a woman's youth . According to an article that appeared in Salon magazine, the term "romansuguray" (romance gray) is frequently used to describe hot older men but no such term exsists for women. " On her 25th birthday, an unmarried Japanese woman automatically becomes what's laughingly referred to as 'spoiled sponge cake,' in honor of the Christmas sponge cakes that are discounted and rarely purchased after Dec. 25.

This is slightly subjective, but I'll try to keep it on point: ko gals (in Japanese, read: ko garu, literally highschool girls) are characterized by 7-inch platform shoes, white or other colored, loose, knee-high socks, blond-bleached hair, excessive Namie-tans and the exceedingly tasteless application of makeup (all makeup sucks!). These girls try hard to resemble cutesy doll-like figures, but instead seem more like grotesque, twisted, psychotic figures; in the same way a clown is supposed to represent happiness, silliness, and childlike innocence yet inadvertantly it can easily cross the line and scare the living SH*T out of a child. Ko gals can be seen on the streets of Waikiki, Oahu, or in Japan in places like Tokyo or Shinjuku, where the environment is conducive to activities such as shopping.

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