Subjective -- the opposite of objective.

To be based on personal perception and judgement. E.g., my subjective opinion of cooked cabage is that it's disgusting. Others may disagree without invalidating my opinion.

The form of a personal pronoun which denotes that it is the subject of a clause.

Male: he
Female: she
Neutral: it

See also possessive, objective

Sub*jec"tive (?), a. [L. subjectivus: cf. F. subjectif.]


Of or pertaining to a subject.


Especially, pertaining to, or derived from, one's own consciousness, in distinction from external observation; ralating to the mind, or intellectual world, in distinction from the outward or material excessively occupied with, or brooding over, one's own internal states.

⇒ In the philosophy of the mind, subjective denotes what is to be referred to the thinking subject, the ego; objective, what belongs to the object of thought, the non-ego. See Objective, a., 2.

Sir W. Hamilton.

3. Lit. & Art

Modified by, or making prominent, the individuality of a writer or an artist; as, a subjective drama or painting; a subjective writer.

Syn. -- See Objective.

Subjective sensation Physiol., one of the sensations occurring when stimuli due to internal causes excite the nervous apparatus of the sense organs, as when a person imagines he sees figures which have no objective reality.

-- Sub*jec"tive*ly, adv. -- Sub*jec"tive*ness, n.


© Webster 1913.

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