People have tried to convince me that they do in fact go to Hooters for wings, that they in fact even like them. But I don't buy it. I've had Hooters wings, they are nasty. Let's face it guys, we have a problem seperating various pleasures from our life. Men like food, and men like half naked women. Now, when you put men in a place where they are surrounded by half naked women, and then give them something to eat, they will have a tough time seperating the stimulus. Thus, their enjoyment of the half naked women will translate to enjoyment of the wings.

So I agree, no one goes to Hooters for the wings. And if you say you do, it's time to take a closer look at yourself and end the lies.

I must take exception with herbman's evaluation of food at Hooter's. He asserts that No one goes to Hooters for wings yet he berates their buffalo chicken sandwich. In short, he erred by choosing the sandwich instead of the wings, labeling the chicken sandwich as skank nasty...a judgement you should probably have reserved for the scantily clad Hooters girl that served you.

Well, dear friend, I can assure you that any cook's interpretation of the Buffalo Wing genre in the form of a meager sandwich will always fall far short of your expectations. You see, Buffalo Wings get their magic from the fact that the wings and drumsticks (skin-on) are first fried in an oily substrate (usually frymax) and then coated with some approximation of Buffalo Wing sauce. This lends a certain authenticity to the product in terms of texture, heat, slipperiness et al.

Most Buffalo Wing sandwiches are prepared in a completely inferior manner. Usually the skinless chicken breast (sic) is either grilled or (gasp) micro-waved, and then coated in said Buffalo Wing sauce. This is wholly unacceptable in that the chicken breast isn't nearly as greasy as it should be in order to qualify as a Buffalo Wing style product. It lacks the qualities that come with every good Buffalo Wing experience: grease infused hot sauce on your fingers, the pile of chicken bones, the chicken skin that goes so wonderfully crispy when fried.... I could go on and on. It is for the same reasons that oven-baked Buffalo Wings suck, and fried ones are superior.

By sacrificing this wholesome experience with a piece of sauced-up, micro-waved chicken breast between 2 slices of bread, the whole point of going to Hooters is missed entirely. The point being, consumption of 50+ atomic-style wings and beer of your choice and a later violent confrontation with your toilet.

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