A shoujo manga, by Miwa Ueda, about a high school love triangle. It concerns the travails of Momo Adachi (Momo is the Japanese word for peach). Momo is a high school girl who tans very easily, and has light hair which everyone thinks is bleached, so people assume that she's a beach bunny, a party girl, or even a prostitute... Since junior high she's had a crush on Kazuya Tojigamori (Toji), whom she once overheard saying that he would never date a girl with skin darker than his. (Poor Momo!)

But this isn't the end of Momo's problems. Her "best friend", Sae Sasaki, tries to imitate/steal everything that Momo has/does. To keep Sae from going after Toji, Momo pretends that her crush is actually Kiley Okayasu, the high school playboy. Unfortunately, Kiley not only becomes aware of Momo, but decides he wants to date her. And then things get even more complicated. ;-)

Peach Girl was originally published in Japan by Kodansha in the monthly monthly Bessatsu Friend magazine. It is published in English by Mixx Entertainment.

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