• david
    my first boyfriend, david, took one night out of his busy schedule to cook me a completely gourmet dinner. it was beautiful. there were candles. there was fine china. there was even tablecloth. he made this chicken thing and shrimp thingie (with this cocktail sauce - never had it before then) and there was even dessert - peach sorbet. and yes, thanks to david, i am a complete sorbet junkie. (uh huh, very gay.) i was real touched by this as it was a really, really beautiful gesture - i mean, no one had ever cooked dinner for me before. he made me feel real special and he made me feel as if i was completely worth it... and no one had ever really made me feel that way before.
  • celeste
    a while back, my good ole girl pal from high school, celeste, was having some considerable issues with her deceased mother. i kinda helped her through it and she's been happy and forever grateful. when i left for boston to go to college and whatnot, she was none too happy.. well, that wasn't completely true - she saw it as a necessary step for me to take in my life but she didn't want me to leave. best friend, ya know. turns out that while i was gone she missed me, considerably. and ya know what she did? she wrote me a song. it was entitled, "remembering august 4th" - that date being significant in that celeste had made a diary entry that day pertaining to me and how much i meant to her and what i had done to help her out with her mom. that was one of the most touching things anyone's ever done for me. i never realized how much impact i had on her life and how much i meant to her until then. god, i felt special from that. one of these days, i'll post the lyrics.
  • the job situation
    1999 brought me a very significant birfday. it marked the first birfday that i had away from home. when i came into werk that day, i was excited about what the day woulda brung (yes, i used that werd intentionally). the sad thing though was that come mid-day, no one even talked to me. no one said happy birfday, let alone 'hi'. i was mildly peeved. it was always my thing to make somebody else's special day..well, special. i'd go outta my way to do so (perhaps outta some compensatory need seeing that my birfdays while growing up were nothing special at all). and here i was halfway to miserable 'cause nobody cared about mine. but, wouldn'tcha know it, around lunch time, people began singing from their respective offices as they walked out to greet me. i got the whole (embarrassing) song, applause, kind words, a card and a gift (an "oh my god, they killed kenny" shirt). i never really felt like part of the team until that day. ya know, that people liked what i did and that they had an appreciation for not only my abilities but for me as a person.
  • the namesake
    i had been werking at the boston university school of education/chelsea public schools intergenerational literacy project (phew) for about three years but nothing so endearing happened in that time as the last summer i was employed there. that summer (much like the one previous) i decided to werk the morning childcare shift. basically, i looked after the kids of the adult literacy learners as they did their adult literacy learning thing. it was fun. i was quite literally paid for playing! well anyway, there was this kid, miller, who decided one fine day to attack me. from out of nowhere, he rushed up to me and practically pushed me to the floor. okay, usually, widdle kids under the age of four are not capable of knocking me down to the ground (i'm a pretty big guy, after all - well, compared to little 4 year-olds, anyway) but what this particular widdle kiddie said and did not only caught me by surprise but totally disarmed me. he runs up to me, right? and he wraps his tiny arms around me and he yells "happy hug! happy hug!" and laughs and giggles as we tumble backwards onto a pile of legos. that is by far the most cutest thing i have ever seen, heard, or been a part of.
  • damon
    i had been feeling very unhappy and quite stressed about work fall of 2000.. so much in fact that i wound up nearly getting into a fight with someone whilst out and about, something i hadn't done in a good while on account of being very stressed and quite unhappy. i wound up leaving my friends at the club and started walking home, a good three or four miles at around 2AM. i was upset. i was on the verge of tears. i was about to rip some random stranger's head off. i had to talk to somebody. i called up damon - hell, i woke him up. he spent the next two hours talking to me, calming me down, even though he had an early flight to new york for business the next day. at one point he asked me what it was that made me happy. he asked mainly because the conversation was mainly about what didn't make me happy. unfortunately, i couldn't answer him. that made me pretty sad. but after a good while, i said "my mom". he asked when i had last seen her and i told him it had been about two julys ago. he suggested i go and visit her. i told him that that was a financial impossibility. he said i still should, that i will and that he'd pay. "you know i can't pay you back", i said. he replied with "i'm not asking you to. just think of it as something one friend does for another." two weeks later, i got to see my mom.

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