Running down tracks, ties blurring with bushes rising on either side. Where is it, where is it. It will suprise you I told them. Never failing, the old barn suddenly slid into view, the blackberry drapings clawing over it greedily. How a large barn nimbly hides and then pounces out always unnerves me, once there it is unimaginable that it could be missed. Climbing shakey planks leaned to get up the loading dock through thorns. Spreading blankets, clearing aside scrap wood, dusty, unloading treats from the picnic basket. Play before twilight approaches, creaky stairs, holes in the roof fill with birds escaping, startled away. Darkness always falls sharp-quick. Matches found, dim candles encircle blankets, eating laughing, passing handfuls, Gamesa animal crackers from Mexico. Sticking into melted wax, animal cracker herds grazing. Anthony arrives last minute, startling us, popping from darkness with a crackle.

Weeks later Nate phones, tells me of adventure out down the tracks. Finding a barn, looking around as it got dark. Spooked he took off and rode home quickly, finding traces from a seance, candles with small animals plastered around them. Falling off my chair onto the floor laughing, I reveal the truth.

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