Another hellish day at work, and now I'm just sitting at home listening to a RealAudio feed of a local radio station. Why I don't just turn around and turn the radio on, I'll never know.

Finally, I completed the renovation of Exclaim Industries. I got rid of that damn fruity pink background and replaced it with straight black. Good for me. Too bad all the stuff on it is still of my standards of quality.

Late in the night, hot on idoru's advice, I recompiled my Linux kernel. Now I feel as if I'm REALLY in control of my computer. It makes me wonder how Microsoft can sleep at night knowing they're overcharging everyone for their upgrades. It also makes me wonder why the hell I'm using a Windoze computer to write this writeup.

I'm in the market for a scanner ever since I gave my parallel-port-based HP scanner to my sister. Well, I'm going through that darn eBay web site for this work. I'd go for something SCSI-ready, because it has to be supported quickly under SANE.

What scanners am I looking for? I'm partial towards Hewlett-Packard stuff, but lately I'm learning towards the older ScanJet models (Scanjet IIcx, or the better ScanJet 3C or 4C) that take in legal-size paper and sports the "I'm a scanner that belongs to an office, so don't fuck with me!" look. I remembered my first scanner used (ScanJet 3C?) in high school was in this design.

However, I'm having a bit of a time watching out for auctions of an Ute Lemper CD and The Ruthie Henshall Album. I'm now getting myself in the eBay relapse.

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