The night before my birthday was the night of January 6-7. So naturally, I dreamed about fighting aliens. Apparently my subconscious has decided that Tyranids, the Xenomorphs from Alien, the Zerg, the monsters from Pitch Black, and the aliens from UFO: Aftermath are interchangeable.

A mission was given to me to go out of the base - you know it's a bad idea at that point, don't leave home and all that - and I had a cloaking device of some sort. It was never clear if it was a mechanical thing, a psychic thing (ghost reporting!), or something else. I trekked across stony areas, dodging aliens who saw through me and prowled about their business. I'm not sure what long-clawed, wiry-limbed, big-toothed, aggressive superpredators do that could be described as "business," but I don't doubt in the least that that's what they were going about doing.

I had to find a thing. I don't remember what it was. But if the dream continued like a very, very nerdish movie, as seemed likely, it would have required turning the cloaking thingamajig off for a few crucial seconds.

It did seem like a movie, but it actually scared me. I'm not sure if the assorted aliens, were they all onscreen at once, would do that quite as effectively.

I guess it's all in that minute of waking up and thinking "Wait a minute, what the hell happened ? How did I get from here to there?"

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