I dream that I wake up. Room is dark but the cell phone's light is bright. Same familiar ring. Lean over to the nightstand. Reach for it. Answer, "Hello?"

Somebody is on the line, but I can hear nothing from them except their breathing, faint through the phone. I can hear them, barely, but they know that I know that they're at the other end. Eerie music is floating through, but they still won't speak.

I dream that I wake up and it happens again.
And again.

(Still in REM.)

The music: Is it violins? Cello? Is it keyboards? I don't understand! What is it? I just know that it puts me on edge.

When I speak, my voice echos. My voice echos, but I am awake! Why is this happening? I'm awake, aren't I?

I dream that I go to my parents. I tell them what's happening. My dad asks if I've been drinking grapefruit juice. Have you been getting your Vitamin C? Maybe we should take you to the hospital and stick an IV in you.

And then I truly wake and feel panic (Am I still sleeping?), but it's quickly washed away with relief when I know I'm no longer sleeping.

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