I had another one of my typical fucked up nightmares last night. Only this is the first one that ever involved E2.

I was driving this white rental car down the south parkway and for some reason I had to get off at this exit. This particular exit looped down and went underneath some overpasses and below the city proper. I get to the stop light and there are suddenly a set of bars enclosing the car in the front, barring me from the street ahead. I get out of the car, and somehow the bars have magically appeared behind the car too, closing off the exit ramp I had just driven down. I'm thinking "well, fuck!" and suddenly the car disappears and reappears in the street on the other side of the bars!

Sheez. Another one of these kinds of nightmares.

Suddenly, I thought to myself, in my dream, "I can't wait to get home and write a node about this on E2! I'll call it The most fucked up thing just happened, my car teleported!".

I remember there being some monsters and me being chased for a while after that, but it wasn't as cool.

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