It's a beautiful day. I'm lying in a grassy field under a patch of trees. The leaves rustle in the cool, pleasant breeze and a bird sings sweetly from time to time.

Looking over, I see her - an attractive Asian girl with a comforting smile and carefree, joyous eyes. The sun shining through the leaves casts patterns of shadow across her face. I reach out and touch her arm. Her skin is soft and smooth. Her smile intensifies and suddenly everything is fine.

I hope that someday I'll meet someone who can make me feel like that.

I wish that I could put a point by point plot to what this dream seemed like to me. Unfortunately, I have only been able to recall bits of it throughout the day; though every new bit, I am that much more disturbed.

It was a metropolis...big, and crowded. But the images were almost like an over-exposed photograph, not unlike the lighting in Minority Report or in A.I. I seemed to have been running from people who were trying to kill me or the person I seemed to be fleeing with (though I could not see who it was). Spy gadgets were used...pellets from an umbrella, squirting liquid from some other device. Everyone around us were possibly the ones trying to kill us. We were dodging different death traps, when we fell into an alley.

It gets fuzzy here...but I can see images of torture, the extreme and quick close up of a man with a long metal rod being pushed through his face and skull. A truly horrendous image in my mind.

There has been nothing as of late to spur on a dream of this sort. I have no idea where this came from.

My aunt died. I had forgotten that by this point in the dream, when I picked up her dismembered leg and used it as a shield in our sticky-dart wars. As I clutched it to me I remembered, and was disgusted that a) I had been given the leg as a rememberance and b) had used it so disrespectfully. I drop the leg and collapse in utter grief, for I hadn't properly mourned my aunt's passing yet, either.

As I run out of the room screaming, I come across a pool full of kids, floats and two of my co-workers. "Come on in, Jess, it'll help you relax." All I want to do is submerge myself in water, cleanse myself of my disrespect and utter sadness. I dive long, aiming to make it all the way across the bottom of one float, and open my eyes underwater. There are more bits of bodies; a hand, a foot, part of someone's arm all gently floating along the bottom of the pool, moving in the soft currents of the children kicking, blissfully unaware, above.

"We're all just walking zombies!!" I scream as I emerge from the water, jump right out of the pool, and begin trembling. I wake up, trembling and gasping for irregular breaths.

What's it all mean? I think it's a combination of shows I've watched recently, fears of losing loved ones I haven't heard from in a while, and frustration at being in the wrong job.

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