Falling. The grey sky crushing down, following my fall. The ground just a darker grey rushing up. Every muscle I have tightens up in anticipation. I try to scream but I can't. The world is soundless. Thoughts rush through my head. I never hit the ground. The dark grey isn't ground. It's something bouncy with the texture of velvet. I look up and see hands holding the edges of my world up. The sky is obsured by someone's stomach in a white shirt. I see breasts, covered only by a thin cloth above me. Is it a giant woman or am I just that small? She picks me up in one of her hands. Her skin is soft but thin. I can feel the way her tendons move under her skin. Odd that I'm so little but I am mentally numb and I feel no fear. She lifts me up and focuses on me with one enormous eye. Then she throws me away. Just flings me in the air like I'm a frisbee. I spin and spin and spin. The grey sky whirls to blue but the clouds are wrong, a pretty pink. When I land on the lush yellow grass, I am as big as she is. I see her mouth move. she must be speaking but I can't hear. She points to the sky and then to the ground. Lightning follows her hand. I hear the crack of thunder.

I wake up. Alone in the white room. Puzzled.

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