Tried a simple experiment today. I was mixing up some pancake batter (from some sort of commercial buttermilk pancake mix... Aunt Jemima, I think) and I was stirring up the eggs, milk, and powder and everything was good. Then I went to add the 1/4 cup of oil. And I found out that I had run out of standard vegetable oil.

But I still had a bunch of homemade stir-fry oil. Really yummy Oriental-tasting stuff. Lots of garlic, onion, and pepper tastes in the oil. I used that instead just to see what it would taste like.

Well, it wasn't that bad. It was definitely different. Weird garlic pancakes. I spent the rest of the day burping up the garlic taste. Thank God I didn't try to put any maple syrup on those puppies.

I then spent the entire day playing Half-Life: Opposing Force like the mindless drone that I am.

friends invited me over to their house to hang out for the evening, quaff beers and white russians, and enjoy their new cat: a 14-week old black cat of some variety.

"when i went to the humane society to look at cats, when i reached into this guy's cage to pick him up, he immediately started purring," K says, "and if you walk into the room where he is, he starts purring as well. likes to have people nearby."

they hadn't yet settled on a name:

  • Jack Hammer (for a particular loud purring...)
  • Sharkey (for the tip of his tail showing above the level of the coffee table once't...)
  • Pablo

i suggested:

  • Pomohotep, ancient Egyptian god of Deconstructionism (PoMo for short, natch...)
  • Pablo Pomo (combinatorially enough...)
  • Yuki and variants:

they're trying out Yuki.

Yuki sat on my lap for a good couple of hours while we lounged in the living room getting somewhat tipsy: he would sleep, purr, wake, wash himself lacadasically, spy on the rest of the room, squiggle around and sleep more. it had the same kind of fascination that small children do for me: i am helpless but to pay all my attention to them while they are within earshot.

otkuda ili kuda?

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