I'm in the market for a scanner ever since I gave my parallel-port-based HP scanner to my sister. Well, I'm going through that darn eBay web site for this work. I'd go for something SCSI-ready, because it has to be supported quickly under SANE.

What scanners am I looking for? I'm partial towards Hewlett-Packard stuff, but lately I'm learning towards the older ScanJet models (Scanjet IIcx, or the better ScanJet 3C or 4C) that take in legal-size paper and sports the "I'm a scanner that belongs to an office, so don't fuck with me!" look. I remembered my first scanner used (ScanJet 3C?) in high school was in this design.

However, I'm having a bit of a time watching out for auctions of an Ute Lemper CD and The Ruthie Henshall Album. I'm now getting myself in the eBay relapse.