A fan-made adventure game project created on June 1st, 1999 with the goal to continue the Quest for Glory saga. Sierra's original game series was cancelled after the fifth instalment, marking the end of the classic point and click adventure game age (some will argue that it ended well before that). Quest for Glory 5 itself is rather different from it's prequels, as it is done in 3D and uses a more simplified interface. The creators of this project intend to bring the classic point and click adventure style back, if only for one last chance to shine. This means that the game will look pretty much the same as the first four Quest for Glory games, and most other old Sierra adventure games (King's Quest, Space Quest, etc.)

The funding for the project is pretty much a round $, done entirely by volunteers who spend endless hours of effort to make this game everything that the classics were - and perhaps more. The team consists of a hundred members or so (obviously only few do any real work), all divided into teams working on music, backgrounds, sprites, programming etc.

Each one of the classic Quest for Glory games is set in a specific country, each based on a real world civilization. This fan-made installment continues this tradition by selecting the Celtic setting, and trying to include as much Celtic mythology as possible.

So far the project is moving rather slowly and it would seem that they are nowhere near finished, but a lot of work has been put into it and some aspects of the game are almost complete. For example, the plot, music, character art and backgrounds are nearly complete. An solid engine is also in advanced stages of development.

The predicted system requirements, according to their website:
Pentium 100, with 32 megs of RAM. However, the DOS demo requires a Pentium II 300 or alike processor. Remember, since MAD engine is in development, we cannot be sure exactly what you will need. We are aiming to make it work on a Pentium 100.
Hero6 runs on Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT, and DOS. The MAD engine team is currently working on XP compatibility.

Much more info at their official website www.hero6.com

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