Fourth game in Sierra's Quest for Glory series. At the end of Quest for Glory 3, the Hero is magically kidnapped and taken to Mordavia, where he has to battle something called the Dark One.

QFG4 is by far the weakest game in the series. The original version was a bug-ridden mess that had been rushed into release for Christmas. It easily crashed at least once every 10 minutes; their patch didn't help much, and even the newest version on the compilation CD doesn't work terribly well. Moreover, the game itself isn't much fun--the plot is obtuse, it's easy to miss important events (make sure you see Katrina early on or you'll never advance), and the fighting system is clunky, to say the least. This game made me lose respect for Sierra, although they regained my confidence with Half-Life, Quest for Glory 5, and other good games later on.

I did like the vampiric bunnies, though.

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