One of the unparalelled elder-gods of one hit wonders, Haddaway blew us all away with his 1993 club hit "What is Love" (baby don't hurt me), from his self-titled debut-album.

Nestor Alexander Haddaway was born in Trinidad/Tobago and raised in Cologne, Germany but he apparently did most of his work out of Monaco.
He claims to have studied Marketing and Policy at George Washington University, Washington D.C, before starting his music career, but it is unclear whether he graduated or not.

Haddaway has released 3 LP's since, none reaching the heights of his first.


Year  Album
1993 Haddaway
1993 The Album, 2nd Edition
1995 The Drive
1999 Let's Do It Now
2002 Love Makes

Haddaway's record sales, according to himself, gross 20 million "units" sold. While this number is unverified, his claim to 8 million sold "units" of his hit single "What is Love" is far more credible.


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