Around 1995, a phenomenon hit dancefloors around Europe. Starting off in the Mediterranean, later spreading to England a new form of happy dance/pop was emerging. The track was Saturday Night and the artist Whigfield. Before the Macarena was big, the Danish songstress was introducing group dancing to the population at large - the introductory Didilalala! filling the dancefloor before the music even started.


Sannie Charlotte Carlson was born in Skaelskor, Denmark on April 11, 1970, and moved around during her childhood. She studied in French schools around the Ivory Coast, Algeria and Nigeria. She is multilingual in Danish, Spanish, Italian, English and French.

Her first foray into stardom were as the vocalist in a band with her brother. She also had some success as a model. The big time came for her when she released Saturday Night which shot up the Spanish charts, remaining there for three months. This coincided with a summer of Ibiza DJs playing her tracks, and as the holidaymakers made their way home, the track became a smash hit all over Europe.

Incidentally, her stage name is a tribute to her piano teacher, Mrs. Whigfield.

Although she has mostly faded to obscurity in the UK, she is still, at the time of writing, active on the Eurodance circuit - and steadily releasing new albums and singles.


If her music is accused of lacking variety and inspiration, so the same must be said about her album titles:



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