A state of mind which includes first and foremost the conspicuous consumption of all things expensive. Also, one has to look perfect in order to go to the gas station, on the off chance that one might get lucky there.It's a religion that forbids eating out at places where a coke costs less that $4.00 and people in jeans can get service. The faithful are often required to attend night clubs to pay homage. Non-Europeans CAN be members. Note: I lived in Europe, yet I'm not Eurotrash.

Eurotrash is very easy to spot. Just look for their Gucci loafers, Hermes scarves, and other designer logowear. Pradais to be worn, and worn well, not to be used as a badge of tackiness! They also do retarded things like greeting people they hardly know with hand/cheek/air kisses. Another sign is dotting their english, with french/italian. Example. "I just got back from The Hamptons, it was très magnifique." (yeah i know i will use "très" sometimes, but these wackos are serious)

The term eurotrash, probably spawned the term eurofag.

Also a television series here in the UK, showcasing the fetishes and general sexual weirdness of Europe.

Presented by Antoine de Caunes.

A stalwart of early male teen masturbation as it shows about 25 seconds of porn each week.

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